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Pedieos IVF Center

06/08/20 – 14:37

Certified Jewish Egg Donors 3 Generations Back

We are pleased to announce that our clinic offers Certified Jewish Egg Donors. Our clinic is the only one in Cyprus and Europe offering this program and we have had patients from all over the world so far using this service. We understand how importa…

egg donation in cyprus

Pedieos IVF Center

23/06/20 – 18:02

Egg Donation and Sperm Donation in Cyprus – The Legality of Egg Donation in Cyprus and how Pedieos IVF and other Legitimate Clinics are Abiding to EU Regulation

As parties in Cyprus politicize Egg Donation, the ones coming out at a loss are the patients that cannot have children with their own eggs and need to use an egg donor. Like any other industry, one can always find illegal activity, however, due to th…

Pedieos IVF Center

23/03/20 – 13:37

COVID- 19: Guidelines for Patients Undergoing Fertility Treatment or Expecting Pregnancy

Pedieos IVF Advisory: We are advising all patients to postpone Infertility Treatment and Pregnancy until further notice. Women who are pregnant For women who are already pregnant, there does not seem to be any cause for alarm. A number of women who t…

Pedieos IVF Center

11/11/17 – 11:53

‘I’m a grown-up IVF baby – here’s what I want IVF parents to know’

Loren was born in 1994, she was one of the first babies in Australia conceived through embryo donation and IVF, she has an important message all IVF parents need to hear. One night, when I was thirteen, my parents sat me down. Being the kind of child…

Pedieos IVF Center

14/10/17 – 12:22

Thalassemia and Future Treatment

A genome editing technique called ‘base editing’ has been used to correct the mutation causing the inherited blood disorder beta-thalassemia in human embryos. Although all resulting embryos were mosaic, the researchers at Sun Yat-sen University, Chin…