Single Sperm Freezing

A new method is applied on a group of selected male patients.

Pedieos IVF Center is at the forefront of new IVF procedures. It is of great importance to us to implement the latest technology and research in order to increase the success rate of our patients.

A new method of sperm storage is being applied to a select group of patients. In severe oligospermic males or in azoospermic males who have provided testicular tissue samples (MESA, TESA, TESE, Micro-TESE) the method of single sperm freezing using the SpermVD device is applied. This new method enables the embryologist to select and store a small number of spermatozoa on each SpermVD device before freezing. This procedure has to be performed prior to the ovarian stimulation of the woman in order to have the sperm available on the day of oocyte retrieval.  With the SpermVD, planning an IVF treatment for these couples is much easier.

For more information about the technique, please contact our clinic.