Dr Krinos Trokoudes

Dr Krinos Trokoudes is a pioneer in reproductive medicine in Cyprus and Greece with tremendous influence on the field.

He established Pedieos IVF in 1986 which was the first center in Cyprus and Greece to succeed with ICSI in 1992 after the pioneers of the method in VUB Hospital, Brussels.

Pedieos IVF was among the first few centers in the world to have successfully adopted the new method of egg freezing-vitrification with a publication in the Fertility and Sterility Journal in 2011.

He has successfully achieved IVF with Egg Donation treatment for the oldest egg recipient in the world for 1992 – 1993, which was 49 years and 54 days of age. His achievement was published in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dr Trokoudes graduated from the Athens Medical School in Greece and trained in the USA and Canada. He then worked for several years in the Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada.

During that period, he focused on reproductive endocrinology and published his research work on hormone receptors in the testes, ovaries, thyroid and adrenals.

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Krinos Trokoudes