Pregnancy Test

As it is still too early to get an accurate result with a urine test, we perform a βhCG blood test 11 days after your embryo transfer, then again 2 days later, and we repeat it once more 7 days after.

  • If the βhCG blood test is positive and rising:

It is important to continue the medication exactly as prescribed for the first trimester. Your hormones are already artificially raised and so you must maintain that level until the placenta is strong enough to support the baby on its own.

At week 6 of gestation, you can have an ultrasound scan to confirm how many embryos have implanted and to check for the fetal heartbeat.

  • If the βhCG blood test is negative or dropping:

All medication should be stopped. You will experience bleeding approximately two to three days after stopping medication, once the hormones leave your system.

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