Embryo/blastocyst transfer

This is an exciting day for you!

You will arrive at the clinic 30-60 minutes before your appointment so that you can be prepared for the Embryo Transfer (ET). Your bladder must be full for the ET as this will provide a better view of the uterus and allow the doctor to place the embryo/embryos in the exact position that will give them the best chance for implantation.

The ET is done under ultrasound guidance which does not require sedation so you can eat and drink as you like before the ET.

On arrival, one of the embryologists will give you an update as to how many developing embryos you have and their quality. We will then discuss how many embryos will be transferred. Normally, we transfer 1 or 2 embryos, and only in special cases 3 (only women over 39 years of age are allowed by law to transfer 3 embryos).

After the ET you will rest for 30-60 minutes and we suggest you take it easy for the remainder of the day. From the following day onwards, you can continue your normal routine, although you will be given specific guidelines from the doctor for certain things to avoid. It is very important to continue all medication until your doctor advises you on how and when to stop the medication.



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