Embryo/blastocyst transfer

You will be informed about the day and time of the transfer. We ask that you be at the clinic 30-60 minutes earlier in order to prepare for the process. Again, you will be shown to a room and provided with appropriate garments that you need to wear during the embryo transfer. There is no sedation given for this procedure so you can eat and drink normally throughout the day. Please note that we need your bladder to be full as this will provide a better view of your uterus during the process. In order to achieve this, you should empty your bladder about one hour before your appointment and then drink a small bottle of water before the procedure. Please do not wear any perfumes on the day of the transfer. On arrival, we will give you an update on how many developing embryos you have and what quality they are. We will then discuss how many embryos will be transferred. Normally, we transfer 1 or 2, only in special cases 3 embryos (only women older than 39 years old are allowed to transfer 3 embryos).

Afterwards, you will be transported back to your private bedroom on a bed and you will need to remain in bed for 30-60 minutes after the transfer. On the evening of your embryo transfer you should relax and have as much rest as possible. From the following day onwards, you can continue your normal routine, although you must adhere to the “Dos and Don’ts” information that you will be given on the day of embryo transfer.

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