Egg / Sperm Collection

Egg Collection

Unless you are using donated ova, approximately 36 hours after the ovulation injection, the ovum pick-up procedure takes place. Since the last injection (hCG) is administered late at night (e.g. 22:00), the egg collection happens early in the morning (e.g. 8:00).

You are not allowed to eat or drink anything (including water) from midnight the previous evening. Upon your arrival at Pedieos IVF Centre, a member of our team will show you to a private bedroom where you can prepare for the procedure.

When everything is ready, a nurse will take you from your bedroom into the operating theatre and you will be made comfortable on the gynecological bed. The anesthesiologist will put you under a general anesthesia; hence you will be completely asleep throughout the entire procedure, which takes about 10 minutes. Our doctor will collect your eggs via ultrasound guided follicle puncture and the laboratory will begin the fertilization process.

Sperm Collection

Typically, the male partner will need to provide a semen sample, on the same day as the egg collection (10:00 am the latest). In order to obtain the best quality possible, 2-5 days of sexual abstinence prior to providing the sperm sample is recommended. Should the sample be collected outside of our center, it must be kept close to the body in order to maintain body temperature, and it must be delivered within one hour of production.

If you are using donor sperm or previously frozen sample of your partner’s sperm, it will be thawed and prepared.

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