Egg / Sperm Collection

Egg Collection

Based on the size and development of the follicles, the doctor will decide the date of the egg collection. When your eggs are ready to be retrieved, you will be instructed to take an injection which triggers ovulation.  This injection is given approximately 36 hours before egg collection, also known as Ovum Pickup (OPU). It is very important to administer the injection at the proper time. The OPU will take place 36 hours later, usually in the morning.

From midnight until the time of OPU which is scheduled in the morning, you must not eat or drink anything. This is extremely important since the OPU will have to be cancelled if something is eaten.

You will be told the exact time to be at the clinic for your OPU. The procedure only takes about 10-15 minutes and the anesthesiologist will give you light sedation so you will feel no discomfort. After the procedure, you will be able to rest for an hour until you feel well enough to go home.

Before you leave, we will provide you with a detailed written plan of what medications to take. It is very important not to stop any medication until you are advised by the doctor.


Sperm Collection

On the morning of the egg collection, the male partner will need to provide a semen sample. In order to produce the best quality of sperm possible, sexual abstinence of 2-5 days is required. If the sample is produced off the premises of our center, the sample must be kept next to the body to keep it at body temperature and delivered within an hour of production. Alternatively, a frozen sperm sample of the partner or a pre-selected donor can be used.  

Undergoing an IVF treatment can cause stress and anxiety to women and their partners; especially, if the couple has already undergone multiple previous fertility treatments. This is why we make sure that a nurse or coordinator is always available to discuss or to answer any questions you may have. All our nurses and coordinators are highly qualified and trained to provide you with the psychological support during your treatment.


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