Certified Jewish Egg Donors

We understand how important religion is to some of our patients and that finding an egg donor that is strongly associated to their beliefs is an absolute requirement. Our clinic has therefore developed a unique program that officially certifies that the donor is of Jewish background at least 3 generations back. We are the only center in Cyprus and Europe offering this program and we have had patients from all over the world so far using this service.

In order to assist you during this treatment, our Hebrew-speaking coordinator will guide you through the process, to ensure that you find your ideal Certified Jewish donor. You can then start preparing for your treatment through our clinic’s doctor or through your own local doctor, whilst the egg donor is also prepared for egg collection. On the day of egg collection we will need a semen sample from the male partner, in order to inseminate the oocytes and create embryos. If the sperm sample is frozen and sent to our clinic beforehand, you will only need to come to Cyprus for 1-2 days for the embryo transfer. Otherwise, if you prefer to come in person for the sperm donation and wait for the insemination and fertilization process, you will need to be in Cyprus for 3-5 days.

This package includes the following:

  • The donor is certified to be of Jewish descent for 3 generations by PUHA
  • PUHA representative witnesses every step of the laboratory procedure
  • Egg donor care is according to Cypriot and Israeli law
  • We guarantee 8 mature oocytes or 2 blastocysts per cycle
  • We also have a Hebrew-speaking associate coordinator on standby whenever needed

Our packages are inclusive of the donor’s preparation and medication, as well as the egg collection, fertilization, embryo transfer and embryo freezing.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us for more information on info@pedieosivf.com.cy.