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Pedieos IVF Center

06/08/20 – 14:37

Certified Jewish Egg Donors 3 Generations Back

We are pleased to announce that our clinic offers Certified Jewish Egg Donors. Our clinic is the only one in Cyprus and Europe offering this program and we have had patients from all over the world so far using this service. We understand how importa…

Covid-19 safety

Pedieos IVF Center

24/05/20 – 10:15

Safety Measures for Visiting Pedieos IVF Center

We would like to inform all our patients that as a precaution against Covid-19, Pedieos IVF Center will follow the following steps to protect its patients and staff: Upon arrival at the clinic, all patients must wear face masks, apply antiseptic gel…

Euro photo

Pedieos IVF Center

08/05/20 – 12:52

Government Funding available to New Patient Groups using IVF Treatment

The new legislation regarding who has access to government funding for IVF treatment has been released and it is very helpful to our patients. These are the major changes in the legislation that affect patients groups trying to have a baby through IV…

Pedieos IVF Center

30/04/20 – 12:50

Pedieos IVF Center is Reopening After the Covid-19 Lockdown on May 4th

After the difficult times we’ve all been through, and especially patients that had to postpone their infertility treatments, we are pleased to announce that we are reopening on Monday, May 4th. If your would like to make an appointment to visit our c…

Pedieos IVF Center

03/04/20 – 15:15

Limited Supply of Egg Donors with High Demand – Special Program with Preferred Pricing

Some of our egg donors in high demand due to proven fertility are low in stock. We are running a special program with preferred pricing and 1 blastocyst guarantee for a limited time only (August 2020). There are 3 levels of genetic testing to choose…