Aphrodite Egg Bank

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Aphrodite Egg Bank has been established due to the rapid growth of our egg donation program and operates under Pedieos IVF Center. We currently work with several clinics in Europe, North America and the Middle East along with individual patients directly. Our guarantee packages and prices are matched to none.

Our Donors

  • We currently hold a very diverse pool of donor ethnicities thanks to the large number of students attending the international universities in the region and the high influx of seasonal workers and expats that come to Cyprus for work.
  • Our main donor ethnicities are Caucasian, Asian and African.
  • Donors are between 18-33 years of age, by law.
  • All our donors are altruistic and their selection, examination and compensation follow the rules and regulations of HFEA (UK), FDA (USA) and Health Canada.
  • In our donor database we offer both Fresh and Frozen eggs. If you would like to use fresh donor eggs or have embryos created at Pedieos IVF Center, please refer to the IVF with Egg Donation page.

Success Rates

Vitrified (frozen) eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank show a very high performance with a clinical pregnancy rate of 78% on the first embryo transfer. This highly satisfactory success rate came out of a 3-year study with collaborating clinics in Israel and sperm donor bank CryoBank Israel.

When sperm from the donor bank CryoBank Israel was used, the clinical pregnancy rate on the FIRST embryo transfer was 78%.
When husband’s sperm was used, the pregnancy rate was 60%.

What this shows:

  1. Frozen Eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank perform very well if the sperm is of high quality and the procedure is done correctly
  2. Sperm quality affects the success rate

Screening Process

All our donors go through a very strict screening process that meet the requirements of HFEA and FDA.

First, a detailed interview is conducted with the coordinator and the doctor including:

  • Family history going back 2-3 generations
  • Medical history
  • Alcohol consumption, use of illegal substances and smoking
  • Education, work & hobbies
  • Full medical and gynecological examination
  • Routine blood testing: Blood group, AMH, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia (PCR), Gonorrhoea (PCR), and CMV.

Genetic Testing

All frozen (vitrified) egg donors entering the Aphrodite Egg Bank are tested with sequencing (carrier state, recessive genes) for more than 250 recessive genes, giving one of the highest routine genotype testing of any egg bank in the world.

This testing includes Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Fragile X and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Furthermore, we store frozen extracted DNA from all Aphrodite donors indefinitely, should there be a need for genetic testing anytime in the future. This is another unique feature of the Aphrodite Egg Bank.


We offer the following guarantee of minimum oocyte performance, provided that the sperm meets the World Health Organisation (WHO) criteria for normality and the thawing process is correct.

No of EggsGuarantee
8 Eggs2 Blastocyst
6 Eggs1 Blastocyst
Mini (3-4 Eggs)1 Day-3 Embryo

– For our mini package – These are donors in our database with low remaining number of eggs due to high demand; most of them also have proven fertility.
– When the guarantee is for 1 or 2 blastocysts, or Day-3 embryos, this is the minimum we guarantee, but of course there could be more embryos created.
– If more embryos than the guaranteed number are created, they will of course be offered to the recipient at no extra charge.
– If fewer embryos than the number guaranteed are created, for example 1 blastocyst instead of 2, then the recipient has two options: either take the 1 blastocyst and pay less or we can use more eggs until at least 2 blastocysts are created.
– If there are zero embryos created, then the recipient has no financial obligations to Pedieos IVF Center.

Competitive Pricing

We believe Egg Donation should be accessible to everybody who needs it, which is why we have developed highly competitive pricing plans without compromising on quality.

A patient or an IVF clinic may order any number of eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank because we price them on a per egg basis, thus avoiding restrictions and disadvantages that come with “package offers”.


All countries have different rules and regulations about anonymity.

In countries that require donors to be anonymous, the offspring and parents do not have access to the donor’s identity at any point in time. With non-anonymous donors (or open donors) the offspring (but not the parents) can request for the donor’s identifying information at a certain age (14, 16 or 18 years old).

Sperm and egg banks around the world are obligated to follow the rules of each country when they ship gametes to be used for embryo creation and transfer. Aphrodite Egg Bank also follows this policy in dealing with clients from other countries.

International Accreditations

We follow guidelines and regulations to meet international standards.

Donor Matching with Recipients

a. Phenotype Matching

The first step is to complete Form 2 below, detailing your own characteristics as well as the desired characteristics of the donor. This information, along with a few photos of yours will be used for phenotypic matching.

A dedicated coordinator will send you the best matching Donor Profiles to review. If you are not fully satisfied with the donors provided, the coordinator will continue to provide additional options for you until a donor is selected.

b. Genotype Matching

The donor is tested for 250 recessive genes. The sperm provider can also be tested for the same number of genes in order to avoid the development of an embryo with any of the 250 genetic diseases. This today, is the ultimate of genetic testing in ovum donation treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about Aphrodite Egg Bank or would like to speak with a Donor Coordinator please fill in the form below: